Hello, we're  The Bourbon Cowboys...


Dear Friends:
As of December, 2016, the Bourbon Cowboys are on indefinite hiatus.
We wish to thank you for all the good shows and great times over our long run.
We will not be booking any further dates, having designated the White Trash Christmas Bash of 12/17/16 as our official farewell.

We'll leave this page up for the time being...
but for now,

...you can call me a cab at closing time.

This website was updated Jan. 1, 2017

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Johnny Cash!      Willie Nelson!      Waylon Jennings!      
   Merle Haggard!      Truck Drivers!      ...and others!!!!  



Crazy Arms (studio recording)

Live audio from a summer 2013 house party,
a seven-track collection, posted on bandcamp.com.


Band Photos:

         Band line-up and biographical info:

Pete Gursky (vocals, frontman, acoustic guitar):
Pete is a life-long resident of the Lone Star state, and lives in Luckenbach, TX when not touring with the Cowboys.

Chris Cass (Telecaster, vocals): Chris hails from Maces Springs, VA, and maintains close ties to Austin, Chicago, and Helena, Arkansas. He has not filed taxes since 1981.

Pat Satta (bass, vocals): Pat is from Memphis, and was a long-time staple of both the New Orleans bar scene and Parchman Farm. His address is currently unknown.

David Kaye (pedal steel): A Tennessee native, Dave worked as a sideman on many classic country hits, but was eventually blacklisted by the Nashville recording industry. Since joining the Cowboys, Dave has reemerged as an in-demand session player in both Nashville and LA.

John Macchia (drums): Originally from Bakersfield, John first came to Branson in 1972, and hasn't left since, except when performing with the Bourbon Cowboys. He is banned from several states.

Actual Band Photos:






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